Tool – Equipment

A Thermelt Starter Kit includes a hot glue gun, a tool for cooling and removing the supernatant (ideally combined) and PA Repair Sticks.


HRA 220 Astfüller-Pistole

HRA 220 die flexible Heissklebepistole mit Thermostat


A hot glue gun with an integrated thermostat for setting different temperatures. A absolutely reliable equipment, which delivers what it promises. You can use it the whole shift without dripping. Including: Transport case and replacement nozzles.
Cooling block 45x45x20 mm A solid aluminium block to cool the repair compound
Cooling plate 80×180 mm with handle Handy cooling plate to cool the repair compound
Manual plane 50 mm Handy cooling and cutting combined with the hand plane
Replacement nozzles 1,5 or 3 mm For HRA220 professional hot glue gun