PA Knot Filler

The repair of knotholes, cracks and other wood defects will be done with Thermelt in a few seconds.

The clean and easy way to use repair mass based on a flexible polyamide base, wich have perfect connections with the wood surface. The big advantage is that the repaired places remain elastic and so the swelling and shrinking movements of wood aren´t a problem.

Therefore it´s impossible that the repair compound get cracks, crumble or will fall out. The repair compound is comletely non-toxic and quite safely to use for interior fittings.

Product details

  • Efficient application through pinpoint repair, which incurred minimal supernatants
  • Highly flexible and immediate cure in a few seconds
  • Perfect for the restoration of edge damage
  • Doesn´t shrink after repairing
  • 10 colours in the standard range
  • Absolutely non-toxic
  • Waterproof. Using indoor and outdoor from -30°C to +120°C
  • Praktical units in pole form for processing with a reasonably hot glue pistol
  • No investments in complex systems are necessary
  • Large processing equipment on request
  • The great advantages

Range of ASTFÜLLER – colours

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Product packaging
PA Knot filler is available in handy sticks, wich are used by processing with a hot glue pistol.

PA Knotfiller Standard
Content 10 Sticks à 25 cm 12 Sticks à 25 cm
Distribution of colours single color mixed color
VE Single packs 25 packages/carton (industry levy)

Larger VE and individual grading on request